7 Tips for Summertime Celebrations

The summer season with kids out of school, late night activities, impromptu and formal gatherings of family and friends is just around the corner! If you’re looking forward to hosting any kind of social affair, let Douglas K. Catering assist your planning and catering needs. Here we offer a few tips for making your summer events a real sensation!


  1. Plan outdoor and indoor activities

It’s summer, so of course you’ll want to plan on pool parties and other fun things to do in the sun. But be sure to include some great indoor activities in your affair as well. Some of your guests – and not just the elderly folks – may not want to spend the entire time outdoors, even in comfortable conditions. Planning a few indoor activities allows you the flexibility to suggest alternatives, if needed. Unexpected rain also makes indoor activities a wise plan.


  1. Take advantage of longer daylight

Feel totally justified to schedule a summer party – even one for younger children – later in the afternoon (after 4 pm) to avoid the hottest daytime hours. You’ll still have several hours of daylight to enjoy having fun in cooler temperatures!


  1. Keep the menu light

There’s nothing worse than feeling heavy and slowed-down on a hot day! Avoid giving your guests this feeling by offering an assortment of lighter foods. Douglas K. Catering specializes in creating freshly crisp green salads; sweet and colorful fruit salads; trays overflowing with roasted seasonal vegetables, artisan cheeses and meats; and light entrees that highlight fresh fish and seafood.


  1. Offer cold or frozen delights

Frozen fruit pops, yogurt and ice cream always taste better on hot, sunny days! Be sure to have plenty of these and other cold items on hand – and rest assured that Douglas K. Catering has the perfect equipment to keep your frozen yummies ice-cold and delicious!


  1. Provide lots of water and juices

This is especially important if you’re serving alcohol, but even if you aren’t, the combination of heat and playing ball or other activities can easily lead to dehydration. Encourage your guests to keep drinking hydrating fluids by offering not just water, but an assortment of fruit-flavored waters and light fruit juices!


  1. Keep a robust emergency kit and fire extinguisher easily accessible

Bee stings, sprained ankles, deep cuts and BBQ fires – accidents happen! While they can’t be avoided, you can be prepared to deal with common mishaps at outdoor events. Make sure that you and at least one other person knows where the emergency kit and fire extinguisher are stored – and how to use them!


  1. Make it memorable!

Documenting your event through photos and videos is one way to keep it “alive” for years to come! Even if you don’t like taking photos and videos yourself, you can and should delegate someone who does – and they’ll make sure that the best pics are shared.

Of course, another great way to make your summer events memorable is to leave all the details to Douglas K. Catering. In addition to our expert planning services, we furnish your tables with beautifully displayed spreads of fresh, nutritious offerings. Our excellent, personable service will allow you and your guests to fully enjoy your affair from start to finish!


Have a truly great summer and be sure to call on Douglas K. Catering for all your event planning and catering needs!