A Few of Our Best Catering Ideas for the Holidays

A Few of Our Best Catering Ideas for the Holidays

            We’re in the midst of another holiday season, and if you’re not stressed, congratulations! But even if stress is not your biggest problem during this holiday rush, you may appreciate some great ideas and tips for carrying off year-end occasions that are special and memorable.

            Douglas K. Catering is ready to help you plan and expertly pull off informal gatherings, large corporate affairs, and everything in-between. You can rely on our professional catering staff to help you think through your event so that even the smallest details are covered. We love making the holidays exceptional, and here are just a few ideas that will help you to fully enjoy your celebrations.

Appetizers Make it Easy for People to Mingle

            Since one of the main goals of holiday events is to bring people together, be sure your menu includes an assortment of appetizers. Our delicious tidbits of intense flavor – like our buffalo wings, jumbo lump crab cakes, and hummus with pita — bring smiles and help folks to relax and engage with others.

            Mingling at the outset of your event is especially beneficial when larger table seating only allows for individual conversations. Choosing a venue with ample open space and offering different appetizers in various locations also encourages people to be comfortable and walk around freely.



Include a Crowd-Pleasing Dish for Special Diets

            Even if you doubt that any of your guests are vegetarian, vegan, or need gluten-free alternatives, it makes good sense to feature a delicious menu item that would please everyone – including those who may have dietary restrictions. It’s easy to imagine that at the last minute, your brother brings along a vegetarian guest, or that your boss’ 9-year-old daughter has just committed to never eating meat again.

            Our rice pilaf and grilled vegetable medley dishes are just two of our menu offerings that are colorful, hearty, delicious, and certain to please any child or adult palate. We also feature a vegetarian stuffing that’s quite yummy! Including a dish that everyone can enjoy makes everyone happy!

Plan for Indoor and Outdoor Fun

            Whether you’re planning a morning, afternoon or evening gathering, it’s nice to give guests the option to spend some time outdoors. You may even plan the primary event for outdoors, with the option of indoor relaxation. Giving your event attendees the choice of mingling outside or inside will create an atmosphere of “freedom to be free” with total enjoyment.

            Our event planning specialists will help you to choose a great venue, if needed, and can cover all the set-up details, such as a sound system and/or lighting for activities such as award presentations or gift exchanges.



Include Entertainment

            Music, dance, art performances and other forms of entertainment always add fun and help to create a memorable event. Our event planners are ready to help you decide whether to invite, for instance, a string quartet, portrait artist, or hip-hop dance troupe to entertain your guests.

            Keep in mind that Douglas K. Catering takes pride in helping to make your whole event – which is more than just the wonderful food – an excellent experience. We take the time to listen to your entertainment ideas and offer feedback and suggestions to optimize your occasion.

Don’t Delay!

            We all know how quickly time passes during the holiday season, so contact us right away to customize your event, or check out our easy online ordering. Make Douglas K. Catering your creative catering and event planning partner this holiday season!