Catering Your Kid’s Event

Catering Your Kid’s Event


Yes, catering is for kids! And while you may think that Douglas K. Catering services are suitable only for major or formal kids’ events, like Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Quinceañeras or Sweet 16’s, catering is also perfect for simple events – be it a birthday party, sleepover, or day in the park. You can rely on Douglas K. Catering to de-stress and simplify your child’s event so that even youcan thoroughly enjoy it!

Oh, the Details!

      Our event planning staff is available to help you make key decisions about your child’s special occasion. For instance, you may wonder if there are any advantages to having a theme for your affair. Or, what are the best indoor and outdoor venues for your budget, or what (if anything) should you say about gifts in your invitations. We can offer practical planning suggestions and options so that you can feel confident moving forward.

Your guest list, decorations, and any additional vendors you may want to bring into your affair (jugglers? musicians? local celebs?) are all aspects of planning that we will gladly help you to nail down. And of course, there’s the food! Helping you to determine what eats to offer – is always a fun process for us!

Mmm, the Menu!

Our menu offerings for kids – especially younger children – are tailored to suit tastes and portion size. While we won’t try to sell you on salmon or tri tip, we know that there’s so much more for kids and teens than chicken fingers and mac ‘n cheese!

We can certainly prepare kid favorites, including hot dogs and burgers. Depending on the nature of your event and the age group, you can also choose from our other, very kid-appropriate main entrees: fettuccine alfredo with grilled sausages, eggplant parmesan, or teriyaki/barbecue chicken wings. Sides include roasted potatoes, fluffy rice, and (yes), mac ‘n cheese. Young people do often eat vegetables that are full of flavor, like our sesame green beans or Greek salad. And for a real treat, our fresh, colorful fruit salads go faster than anything!

We feature beautiful cakes for larger events, and we make plenty of wonderful desserts that can be “kid-sized” for younger children, including cupcakes, cookies, and fruit tarts – all fresh-baked and yummy!

Ah, the Service!

We take real pride in our excellent on-site service, which allows you to fully relax and enjoy! Our on-time arrival is guaranteed, and our standard set-up includes presenting all food on your tables in a way that is appealing to the eye and easy for your guests to navigate. We are happy to provide any additional set-up that you request, such as tables and chairs, and we can also coordinate decorations and entertainment set-up.

Our professional catering staff will ensure that your food service is gracious and attentive. We love to make every event smooth-running, enjoyable and memorable because of our food and catering service!

Oh, What an Event!

Your kids’ events take as much (or more!) effort to pull off as any of your adult affairs, so treat yourself to the expert planning and catering services that Douglas K. Catering promises – and prepare to smile with sheer contentment when it’s all said and done!

Douglas K. Catering will assist you with every aspect of catering for your doctor and medical offices. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll help you bring event catering to life! Proudly serving Fort Lauderdale since 1986!