Make Your July 4th Holiday a Blast!

Make Your July 4th Holiday a Blast!

            Independence and freedom are definitely worth celebrating, and maybe you’re thinking about gathering family and friends to do just that. Even if you decide against watching a fireworks display, your July 4th event can be blazing hot with fun and excitement!

          The right combination of venue, guests, and food will make any event a real blast. With just a few precious days of planning time remaining, know that Douglas K. Catering is just a call or click away. We’ll help you to create a fully charged and most memorable occasion!

Planning the Celebration

            Our event planning specialists are here to help you with every aspect of planning your event, whether you have in mind a grand affair or a simple backyard gathering. If you want to get away from home, we’ll help you select the perfect venue. If your guest list needs tweaking, we can ask the questions that will help you to narrow or expand it.

We’ll also suggest activities and entertainment options. Depending on the type of event, you may want to include group games, live music, or other types of artistry or performances, such as a comedian, juggler, or face painter. Whatever your choices, rest assured that Douglas K. Catering will gladly work within the budget you propose.

Finalizing the Menu

We are passionate about providing you with a selection of foods and a presentation that will make your guests say, Ahh!Choose from a colorful array of vegetable, pasta and fruit salads; traditional and delectable sides like corn-on-the-cob; sweet and smoky barbecued chicken, sausages and meats; and a wonderful selection of decadent (or light!) desserts. We make all our menu offerings from the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

We’re happy to satisfy any dietary requests because our desire is to meet your needs with the foods that you and your guests enjoy most. Simply advise us of your preferences and we’ll propose a full-bodied or light menu to please!

Focusing on Fun!

Our commitment is to allow you to completely enjoy your guests and activities as you celebrate our nation’s independence. Our professional catering staff will arrive in plenty of time to complete all the necessary set-up, including table decor, chair arrangement, and coordinating alongside any additional vendors to assure all is in place.

The Douglas K. Catering staff always serves with a smile and has the know-how to keep your hands free of all the logistics so that you can relax as you entertain. Our goal is to make sure that your focus is on having maximum fun at your 4th of July affair!

We know that summer is always too short, and Independence Day celebrations are definitely a highlight! If you have an event in mind for the holiday, reach out to Douglas K. Catering today — we’re here to add that special flare to your special occasion.