Put a Special “Spin” on  Summer’s End

            If you’re like most folks, you dread the end of long summer evenings and not having to rush kids off to school. Summer always ushers in a more carefree, casual attitude about, well . . . everything! Ah, but the end is near, so instead of fretting about your “lazy” summer days coming to an end, let Douglas K. Catering help you turn the end of summer into a wonderful time!

Smooth the “Back to School” Blues

            It seems that school starts earlier every year. If you have kids (or, if you’re a student yourself), returning to school and the study routine may be just a bit depressing. So, make that first day back something to celebrate!

            Whether you have young children, teens, or are yourself a student, throwing a “Back to School” party may be just what everyone needs. Children can meet a few of their new classmates before the official “first day,” teens can tease each other and get the full scoop on how tough Ms. Buchanan’s chem class really is, and your adult crew can compare strategies for surviving ‘til grasping that degree!

            It all calls for our specialty: delicious food and beverages. And not just any catered food, but fresh, delicious offerings that perfectly fit the occasion you have in mind. Our professional catering staff will help you to plan kid’s snacks and other menu items that are appealing to a child’s eye and taste buds — from colorful fruit salads complete with melon balls, to cheesy meat or veggie tacos. Teens and adults with a more developed palate may prefer kabobs or even grilled steaks. Beverages include our selection of sparkling waters, juices, and teas.

            In addition to catering services, our event planning specialists can suggest games or activities that are age appropriate. The words, “ice breaker” may make you cringe with visions of boring conferences, but if you like, we can suggest some that are memorable crowd pleasers.

            The idea is to bring together a group of learners to celebrate being together again before the official bell rings. We’ll help you give folks a great way to overcome the “back-to-school” blues!

End of Summer “Schmooze”

            Working adults carry plenty of job-related stress. Summer “casualness” can reduce that stress, so gathering some friends and co-workers for one last  summer “schmooze” may be what’s on your mind.

            Relaxation is key, and our variety of appetizers invite guests to enjoy great flavors while having casual conversation with others. The goal of this end of summer letdown is not to impress your colleagues, but to simply unwind before the all the busyness of the approaching fall season. We suggest that simple is best — like juicy sausages and hefty burgers on the grill (meat or veggie), along with a wide assortment of salads and a few incredible desserts.

A game of darts — or volleyball or soccer, if you want some thrills — will help to ensure a great time for all, including the spectators! Our goal is to help you create an event that enables your guests to totally unwind.



Labor Day Holiday

Many people view Labor Day as the official end-of-summer holiday. If you’re of this mindset, Douglas K. Catering is here to help you and your guests honor all working people and enjoy a grand day away from your labors!

From comprehensive planning to a thorough cleanup, our catering and event planning specialists will relieve you from all of the work involved in a holiday gathering. Our suggestions are made with your guests and desires in mind; our menu includes healthy items, all made from the highest quality ingredients; and our service is kind, considerate and complete.

The countdown has begun and summer will soon pass, which is your opportunity to put your own special spin on bidding it farewell until next year. Douglas K. Catering is always ready to meet your planning and catering needs — contact us today!