Social Distancing Can Be Delicious

Summer is typically the time for festive, outdoor gatherings and barbeques with friends and family. There is no denying that the summer of 2020 (the entire year so far!) has been drastically different than typical. However, staying in contact with our loved ones is vital to our mental health, and, while our current reality calls for adjustments, it does not mean that you cannot safely socialize with perhaps smaller-than-usual groups of friends and family.


Let Douglas K. Catering assist you in planning your outdoor gathering with a variety of menu suggestions and service options to keep you and your guests safe, healthy, happy, and



Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…all while Social Distancing


Yes, it is possible to meet with friends and family while remaining safe, as long as reasonable precautions are taken. We’ve all missed our family members that don’t live with us and the friends we’ve only seen over Zoom or FaceTime. If the number of people attending your gathering is manageable and individuals can socially distance while still enjoying the company of others along with delicious food and drink, then it’s a win-win.


Douglas K. Catering is eager to prepare mouth-watering foods that can be presented and served in such a way to minimize contact between the food and the guests. The fewer hands and bodies near the food, the safer for everyone.


Our delectable menu items can be portioned into single-serving containers, eliminating the need for large containers of food that require individuals to serve themselves and thereby decreasing the number of people that come into contact with the food, the serving utensils and containers.


Napkins and personal utensils can also be packaged separately, further reducing the number of people that come into contact with them.


Sunday Brunch, Outdoor Lunch, Dinners in the Park


Whether it’s a lovely Sunday brunch that you have in mind, a relaxing lunch outdoors with friends, or dinner in the park with those you haven’t seen in months, we have the menu items that will make your gathering the experience you are longing for.


A welcoming Sunday brunch might consist of separately packaged warm, grilled egg wraps, an array of scrumptious pastries such as scones, bagels and croissants, sweet summer fruits in self-serving cups and yogurt and granola in ready to grab bowls.


Our box lunches are packed and ready to go with choices ranging from turkey avocado wraps to veggie brie subs to french club sandwiches.


Don’t forget about a colorful pasta salad or coleslaw, bags of salty, crunchy chips, and a dizzying array of cookies, brownies, or cake. Again, all pre-portioned into separate containers to eliminate sharing germs.


A catered dinner in the park might consist of a sampling of buffalo wings, accompanied by carrots, celery, and blue cheese or ranch dip; Korean beef or teriyaki portobello pineapple sliders; franks n’ blanket; jumbo shrimp, mini meatballs, or good ole’ sloppy joes.


We also have a wide range of beverages, including coffee, juices, lemonade, tea, and sodas, to compliment your meal choices.


Let’s Get To (safely) Socializing Again


This is just the beginning of the delicious tastes we have to offer. Let the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Douglas K. Catering talk with you about how we can make your gathering perfect for you and the special guests you’ve missed over the last few months. Contact us today.